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(Opening theme: Sea-Ra, Sea-Ra…on the edge of greatness)

(A white skinned woman with light blue long hair, wearing a green shell top with a blue mermaid fin swims up to the screen)

Old Mermista: “I am Mermista. Daughter of King Mercia, and defender of Salineas. You can also call me Elaysia.”

Old Mermista: “Fabulous secrets were revealed to me the day I held aloft my trident and said, “For the honor of Gray Whales!”

Old Mermista transforms into new Mermista, a dark skinned woman with teal blue hair, blue leggings, and a crop top.

New Mermista: “I am Sea-Ra!”

New Mermista: “Yes, I am also Mermista, but cooler. Only a few others share this secret. Among them are Adora, Sea Hawk, and Glimmer. Together, me and my friends of the great Rebellion try to free Etheria from the evil forces of Hordak.”

(Ending theme song: “We must be strooonng. Sea-Ra!”)

Episode 1: “Pursuit of the Pearl”

The Horde sneaks into Mermista’s castle and steal her Pearl Runestone in an attempt to use its power for their own needs. As a result, the Pearl Runestone is missing from both the old and new Mermista’s kingdoms. Old Mermista seeks the help of her underwater creature friends for the Horde’s ship, and helps save an injured baby blue horn whale in the process. Old Mermista transforms into new Mermista and sets off on a journey to retrieve her source of power. But she also has to travel with someone who she doesn’t particularly like: Sea Hawk.

Episode 2: “Contaminated Waters”

An oil spill from a nearby Horde factory puts the lives of the sea creatures at risk…as well as the water quality in Salineas. Without the sea creatures to guide her, old Mermista will need to rely on her princess friends to help fix the mess.

Episode 3: “The Sea Gate”

Life in a quiet desolate kingdom is nothing short of boring for new Mermista. That is, until the princesses of the Rebellion ask for her help. Turns out, the Horde is using firepower to try and break the Sea Gate, which protects Mermista’s kingdom. She-Ra is tasked with using her sword’s power to repair the gate, but Catra and Scorpia stand in the way. Join Mermista as she shares her perspective from the new She-Ra show episode.

Episode 4: “Dimensional Dilemmas”

The She-Ra characters from the old and new shows unite. This results in the division of Mermista’s identity and powers. With a horde of characters, the princesses from both worlds must find a way to work together to defeat the two Hordaks.

Episode 5: “Roll with it”

New Mermista expresses her desire to become Sea-Ra during a battle planning session with the other princesses. In the back of her mind, she feels like she was briefly Sea-Ra before. Reliving a day from the canon timeline in the new She-Ra show, new Mermista must figure out how to escape the time loop, return to her world, and regain her memories.

Episode 6: “Battle of Bright Moon”

New Mermista aides She-Ra in the final battle of season 1, this time using her powers as Sea-Ra. 

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