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Felina is property of KathyPrior42    Felina is an unofficial cat human princess with an opposite personality of Catra. Unlike Catra, she does not like taking risks nor does she like to be in the spotlight. She is a tame cat human while Catra relies on her wild instincts. Like Catra, she has a brown tail, cat ears, claws, and good hunting instincts. She has light gray hair like a lion’s mane, while the tuffs on the side are darker in color (opposite of Catra). She is most often seen wearing blue pants and blue shirt (without holes in the pants like Catra). Like Catra, she also wears a cat shaped headdress, though it is dark blue. She used to be friends with Abhora until Abhora became influenced by the Dark Moon Empire. Felina can transform into a purple panther superhero. 

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